Hardware Brand E age “of Chinese Wok”, This new Puzzle – Wok, Hardware – Hardware

equipment Brand E age “of most Chinese Wok”, The New Puzzle – Wok, equipment – Hardware
Wanli associated with the Ming Dynasty, Lu Chuan started manufacturing metal pots, is 400 several years of record. Lu Chuan Lu Chuan wok is deciding on forming group and industry organizations, unity and growth, “Lu Chuan cooking pan” brand.

HC Hardware system In the southeast corner of Luchuan County of Guangxi, a modest wok lips were slowly, and now can become a “Chinese wok money” title. But depend on traditional handbook backward mode, the extensive amount of cast manufacturing benefits, is just about the “iron cooking pot capital” associated with the key anguish.

“Handmade” and “pan Capital”
Recently stumbled on Luchuan County’s outlying appearance of an apparently abandoned factory in lengthy, ear-piercing sound of the machine milling throughout the day prodigiously, employees are hectic production range beside the tension. Wok just can be bought in crude embryo transport through duplicated milling devices spread Mars gradually shows an exact wok; prior to the last factory, and pan coated with special materials inside and outside, into the blast-furnace in high-temperature calcination.

2006 year, Luchuan County by the State
Frequent equipment Industry Productivity Center awarded “China wok Capital” name, nevertheless reporter, “wok money” to see the whole production process remains primarily manual.

According to historic records, as early Wanli in Ming Dynasty, Lu Chuan started manufacturing iron containers, has been 400 years of record. The industry from the old-fashioned hand-workshop were only available in the belated 60 century to the early eighties had been the fast improvement top Luchuan County features over 70 producers wok, wok during the output once taken into account Lu Chuan National Rail pot two-thirds of production.

Today, Lu Chuan iron containers have grown to be a well known product on the market, have actually civil pan, enamel pots, pans and other stainless-steel edging 9 show, nearly 300 over 1000 types of specifications.

400 many years without brand-name business to the late 90s of last century, considering tiny production scale, low-technology products these types of problems as a single, pan industry devastating Lu Chuan, just a few cents per ordinary pan, various cents of revenue, county 50 wok producers were eradicated.

Luchuan County South fat Kitchenware Co., Ltd. Lu Chuan, chairman Luo Shinan wok industry has actually seen the development procedure. As soon as the domestic business toward kitchen area

Appliances for the home Of change, rice cooker, cookers, induction cooker alongside cooking area new cooking area area is gradually devouring the standard, Lu Chuan cooking pan business, left corner of Ann and unproductive, wasted an excellent possibility missed.

Lu Chuan wok 400 many years of record, has no genuine brand name, making Luo Shinan confused. Particularly, he said sadly, decreased innovation in neighborhood companies, products an individual, low-technology, even more serious may be the decreased brand understanding, bad an authorized trademark, and constantly just in the low-end products, the hustle, the item selling price reasonable and start to become major brands of OEM base.

Lu Chuan Xianjingmaoju statistics, Lu Chuan cooking pan supporting many direct selling of beauty, Supor, 9 Yang device brands such as for example special pot, Lu Chuan cooker pot with a share of this special account dedicated national cooker pot over a share of Jiucheng .

“Wok capital” Breakthrough of this roadway
Extended Weirenzuojia, Lu Chuan human heart uncomfortable. Lately, Lu Chuan County, “Lu Chuan wok” spare no effort in creating the brand name marketing, have actually held a popular industry experts using participation associated with the nation, “wok Forum”, features carefully planned the “pan Cultural Festival.” The brand name enterprise ” working “in the method industry are secretly Lu Chuan cooking pan study from.

“whenever we started to do outstanding metal pot sold in rural areas especially, but growing in volume; now a brand new generation of iron pot, shrinking in size and smaller, small the greater amount of processed, the greater amount of processed the greater amount of america, a deep-fried dishes pot is offered for 200 yuan, products are sold and shipped to your united states of america and European countries. “Luo Shinan growth of the remains full of confidence.

New Mo Rong Lu Chuan County that Lu Chuan pan industry to improve the chipping away, pleased with the situation, it is technical development, business restructuring, business development, marketing along with other facets of planning a large hassle needs to be limited to manufacturing from wok pan towards cooking area of development, from the limitations of pig iron wok pan to include smelting, machining,

Shape production alongside relevant business, to pan this “Golden Phoenix” underneath the much more “golden eggs.”

It’s reported that Lu Chuan Lu Chuan is considering the development of metal pan team and business organizations, unity and growth, “Lu Chuan pan” brand.

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