Lu Business Three Lines: The Fate Of Same Character In Different

Lu Company Three Lines: The Fate Of Like Character In Different
Lu Qun, 51, 50, and 57-year-old Zhou Houjian

Zhang , Qingdao mind of the three major residence device leaders. Their early, tend to be saving devices Qingdao insolvent enterprises set share and accomplishments within their careers this.

They usually have jointly Lu personality: willing to withstand difficulty, look closely at the “conscience.” However their fate is significantly diffent.

Aucma Group as a large number of occupied capital of listed companies, listed organizations and also make money chain groups and both fracture, as president of this Lu Qun Aucma obligated to “class.” Set the tone for Qingdao Municipal national because of its “occupation associated with money Aucma Group, running all occupied, Lu Qun individuals maybe not taken or misappropriated.” Although the creation of “freezer King” fifteen years after Aucma sink like a stone, but Lu Qun, after all, be safe landing.

2nd within the recently-baked “Fortune” Chinese “China’s 25 most influential company frontrunners,” positions

Hisense a motion regarding the very first chosen chairman, ranking ninth.

Haier Group Chairman associated with Board and ceo Zhang rated to begin with.

Maybe not peaceful lakes in your home appliance market environment and

Capital Environment, Zhang and Zhou Houjian, who can get the greater amount of stable, better?

Low-profile, restrained and refined, these adjectives are often used to describe the Zhang and Zhou Houjian both guys.

To insiders that, relatively speaking, Zhang bit more domineering. At one time, folks said Zhang, certainly one of Haier’s “King”, if Zhang decision is correct, then ship Haier goes smooth sailing, but after the choice is incorrect plus the consequences should be catastrophic.

Reality, because the introduction of female president in 2000 Zhang

Yang Mian Mian from then on he can retreat into the procedure, the concentrated

Corporate Strategy . In 2005, Zhang has-been mcdougal himself in news “reflection Haier,” said Haier is entering the “globalization

Brand Strategic phase, “it is the” famous brand name strategy, diversification method, intercontinental method “following the 4th phase of development.

This means that Haier brand along the lines of its past go further and further. Haier is the using brands for various items, to produce its industry placement, however the core technology is relatively backwards. Industry ensuing issue is driven by the expansion regarding the brand cannot be put through great danger.

Hisense picked another model of development. a movement could be considering that the technical origins and history, in 1992, Hisense Group a motion to enter, try not to worry growth, but insist on separate technological innovation. Modern times, Hisense has introduced a large display shade television manufacturing range, regularity

Ac Technology, CDMA tech are at the whole world’s most advanced technology.

Present, Hisense inverter ac is half busy,

LCD TV additionally within the “boss” condition. It has also become a motion starred in the “Fortune”, “business leaders” associated with major causes.

“Week is obviously very wise, he is a type of Oriental knowledge.” Hisense Group, commented Zhou Houjian employees. The A motion on himself, stated: others labeled as him “low account” extremely satisfied. A motion explained that important company of group, by a “big mind” to problems of decision-making. “i actually do not think that peak times of an enterprise is normal, this might be another concealed danger of Chinese enterprises.”

It is because of fast blooming Hisense, Qingdao as the “two tigers quarrel,” the land.

“Qingdao is just a place of source concept, go into the very first five years, the greatest modification just isn’t foreign right here, but to press us to your international phase.” Hisense people think, ahead of the gap regardless of how much, and after the worldwide market, Hisense will with some time generate a fresh monster.

Haier Zhang much more committed goal of numerous deeply impressed Welch Zhang, Haier has become the globe dream of initial makers of white items business.

Lu three business application Zhang, Laizhou City, Shandong Province, who, on Jan. 5, 1949 born, in December 1984 Qingdao workplace

Refrigerator Plant supervisor, Asia University of tech in 1995 by an MBA, in December 1997 by the Hong Kong, “Asiaweek” 1997 Outstanding Achievement Award ethnic Chinese in 1999, Haier Group as Chairman of Board, equivalent 12 months in December because of the Uk “

Financial Times “as” the world’s 30 respected

Business Owner

“, Placed No. 26. May 2000 he had been named CEO of Haier Group.

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